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We live in a time where the whole world has been connected and made accessible through our use of technology, the internet, and social media. Yet we are living in the age of disconnect. 


DoorDash is enhancing our mission to start promoting real human connection, all through our love of food. Food transcends borders, cultures, and language. We break bread with each other to introduce ourselves or greet old friends. We have memorable dinners on first dates. Food is at the heart of human connection, and it is at the heart of DoorDash.


DoorDash Connect wants to act as the great mediator, connecting our members and providing shared experiences all built around our love of food.

- How It Works -

DoorDash’s main function has been delivering food and goods to your door. That’s not going anywhere. We are reimagining how the DoorDash app functions by changing the monthly subscription model currently known as DashPass to DoorDash Connect. We will offer exclusive features that will build communities, create bonds, strengthen families, and ultimately allow people to connect with the world in exciting ways.

1. PROFILE : You’ll now be able to create a profile with your favorite foods, restaurants, reviews, pictures, and what kind of connection you're looking for. - dating, friends, other families, or couples in your neighborhood - 


2. WALLET: Set up your wallet. This is now where you earn points to the spots you order-in from that can then be used to dine-out. 


3. MATCH: Once your profile and wallet are set up, start matching with potential new friends or romantic partners based on your favorite spots around the city.


4. REWARDS: Then hit the town using our Rewards program that offers members exclusive tickets and deals to venues around the city.


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More Coming Soon

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