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I am a little uncomfortable. The last time I wrote a bio for a website, I ended up marrying one of the people who responded to it. I’m not saying I will go two-for-two here or that I even want that, but I hope you understand my jitters. 


My name is Kevin. I am a writer, creative, and maker-of-funny-things from southern California with over fifteen years of experience in TV, film, voice-over, and animation. I am a two-time alumnus of UCLA (because once wasn’t enough). I am also a two-time alumnus of my pre-school (because, according to my mom, “Once wasn’t enough”). I have co-created, written, and sold an animated TV show to Amazon Studios with Bix Pix Entertainment. I created, produced, wrote for, and performed in Quote Unquote, a comedy-storytelling show performed 55 times in three cities while being named The Best Live Show at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. I also make lemon bars that are so delicious grandmas would hang up their oven pits after one taste. 


Currently, I work as a freelance creative, providing copywriting, social media management, and marketing for multiple North American businesses. I am also raising my thirteen-month-old daughter, who is tough as nails and won’t even speak to me, though some say it’s because she doesn’t yet know how to talk. Deep down, I know she does. 


If you have any questions and would like to chat some more, we should meet up over a slice of pie. Doesn’t that sound nice? I’m glad you agree. 


2 x 2022 One Show Short List

1994 Academic Pentathlon Bronze Winner: Social Studies 

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